Cleaning the Streets SAVED MY LIFE – Christabella George – Documentary Film


Christabella George, 47,5 Children, had to fend for herselt at the tiny age of 13. Life for her then turned extremely sour, sleeping in garbage, eating garbage, serving time in prison attached to an extensive stint of drug addiction. She says her job rewarded her with a clean up lifestyle. and Her BEST REHABILITATION YET. This is her Story.

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LAW & ORDER Part 2 — Moment of Truth — Rev Merril Wallace

What is the law? What was the purpose of the Law and what actually does the Law the Bible spoke about governs. Find more details on Part 2 of Law and Order by Rev. Merril Wallace. Direct comments and questions to Rev. Merril Wallace at 


LAW & ORDER Part 1 — Moment of Truth — Rev Merril Wallace

There are two primary LAWs that take precedence in ones daily life. It controls, it dictates, it determines, it fashions, it cripples and it also brings forth LIFE. This is LAW of LIBERTY and the LAW of BONDAGE. See video of the Part 1 Series on LAW AND ORDER on the Moment of Truth.


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