About Us

InsidePossie was established in 2010 to educate, motivate and elevate people in the town of Portsmouth and all remotely connected to our website.

We started off by posting much needed concerns people talked about on the streets and made it global allowing room for awareness and positive change. We quickly jumped to discussing such concerns interviewing key persons in the town on the first ever Live Only Video Talk Show in Dominica called “De Kitchen” and additionally launched InsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation Inc. InsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation Inc. mission is to to “Establish a Prosperous future for children who are less fortunate and disabled, by providing them with education, healthcare, nutritional requirements, adequate housing and social skills for lifelong sustainability through the divine Grace of God.

InsidePossie is jointly owned by Caribbean Web Solutions and BIG Gundy Media Production

Caribbean Web Solutions
Caribbean Web Solutions is a provider of professional Internet strategy and web based solutions headquartered in Dominica, Caribbean.

Specializes in bringing a unique identity to the Internet in best-in-class Web Development, Online Marketing, Web Hosting and Job Recruiting services which fits any business/person who is looking to establish an international name for their company with a business-driven approach which is what separates us from the typical web company.

BIG Gundy Media Production
BiGGundy Prides itself in producing video content that is considered “Hitting the Mark”. From documentaries to live/pre-recorded video shows and more.

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