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Best Caribbean Tilapia – Dominica Red

In the City of Portsmouth, there house by far the  Best Caribbean Tilapia Fish by Patrick Thomas. Tilapia is a farm grown fish and are mainly cultivated in ponds.  The institute however grow two types of Tilapia, Red Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambica) and the Black Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) which can grown to more than two pounds. Like other large fish, they are a good source of protein and a popular target for artisanal and commercial fisheries.

Listen to Video By Project Manager / Biologist Mr. Patrick Thomas speaking more indepth about the operation and growing of the Tilapia

The Tilapia fish farm are constantly seeking to improve the growing conditions of their fish and this has resulted in producing the superb breed of “Dominica Red”. “Dominica Red” Tilapia is unique in taste as well as in the excellence of its quality. The unmistakable taste of the fish is attributed to the strictly controlled and carefully monitored growing and breeding conditions.

The brackisch mix water and a specially prepared high protein feed are used to obtain an excellent quality  fish of a thick and fleshy consistency which customers have come to know and value.The fish grow to about nine to ten inches and average market sizes weighs between 14-16 ounces.

Pictures of the Property Below

View of Part of the Tilapia Farm

Fingerlings (Baby Tilapias)

One of the Adult Pools

Adults Feeding

Mr. Thomas Speaks on Future Endeavours

Tilapia vacuum sealed in 1Kilo units or fresh on ice. As an extra service all fish are delivered already scaled and gutted. Larger orders are delivered in 50lb coolers.

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  • Brandon St.Rose

    Hello and a good day/night to you, my name is Brandon St.Rose and i’m from the island
    or barbados , i’m currently setting up an aquaponics system at home (Backyard System)
    and i’d like to know if I can purchase some fingerlings for my system, i’m interested in
    purchasing in the range of 100- 150 fish, please let me know if this is possible..


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