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St. Johns Primary School GSAT Results – Inside Possie – Wha Happening Dere?

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St. Johns Primary School GSAT Results

These are the students of the St. Johns Primary School who got scholarships:Chari Peter, Aarathi Joseph, Kheenan Morvan, Leic Charles, Ndo Joesph and Ottis Paul. Generally I think the students did exceptionally well. I also think the parents of the students, the school of which the students attended and not forgetting the students themselves are very proud of thier performances. This just goes to show that the teachers are well trained and that the students take alot of pride in their work. I hope that the students will continue to take pride in their work and be role models to the other students that are going to sit the GSAT Exams in the future.

Written by: Shernirah Lendor.

Below are the videos of: the school’s principal, grade six teacher and the students who did exceptionally well.

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YouTube Preview Image

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  • Pinkey

    Congrats also to the parents who I knew were behind their kids. Congratulations to all the hard working teachers and principal at the school. Keep up the good work, and I hope that St. John’s School will continue to perfrom well, and will one day again get the island scholarship. Once again, congratulations to each and everyone of the pupils who sat the GSAT exam, particularly the 6 scholars.

  • Pinkey

    I would just like to say congratulations to all the students who passed this exam. Extra special congratulations to my very own OTTIS PAUL with whom I worked very hard with. You have made us all proud. Special congrats to Aarathi and Leic. To the other scholars, that’s the way to go! Keep up the good work. To everyone else, keep on striving. You still have a long journey ahead.

  • Ikandi

    congrats to my little cousin Ndo, my girl Aarathi, my boy Leic, and especially to Otis who, against all the odds continues to excel. the family of Otis contiue to work with him, the journey has just begun, our kids can do great things.

  • Ke-Sean

    Well Done St.Johns!! You continue to give quality education to our students. Chari, I know you could do it. You made us proud.

  • Mrs Joseph

    I really want to congratulate my school on getting these 6 scholarships. It is a proud moment for us as a school and also for the northern district. Special recognition to our well trained teachers for an exceptional job done,especially to the 2 grade 6 teachers, mrs morvan and Mrs. Hypolite. I congratulate all the students on getting good grades, and the scholars, you really made us proud. Well done parents for being such great first teachers. And Ndo, my son, the journey has just begun, scholar!

  • Cza

    I want to commend insidepossie.com and the team for bringing this to us.
    I am so proud of my Alma Mater!! Indeed our dear ole St. John’s School. These children have grown and they sound so intelligent. Somehow, I am not surprised at their achievement. Let us support them continuously as they venture into the world of teen & high school. We all know this is a challenging stage. But with community, Parents, and positive prayerful support they can excel.

    My best wishes for the students of the RDPS as well.

    Let me also take the time to wish all the students of the Town congrats including those who have achieved the opportunity to graduate from PSS and SDA as well this year. It’s only the commencement guys, so press on.

    insidepossie thank you for this info once again.
    Blessings to all

  • D.Nyerere

    Must say I am definitely proud of these young stars for carrying the legacy of “our dear old st johns school”. I do look forward for more exceptional performances next time around. We have birthed tons of great achievers for the past years even in my time when I was in “Nun School”, so lets keep it going. Parents, Teachers, The Community, we all need to hold hands in unity to have this done.

    Congratulations to all the kids who excelled and all the other students who represented well.

  • streetwise

    Just wanna say congrats to Ottis close family of mine. I never imagined u coming on camera though lol…To the rest of the students congrats and keeping strivin for the best st. john’s school.


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