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The Portsmouth Chance Housing SHAM – Documentary Film

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 9.58.47 AMThe Portsmouth Chance Housing SHAM – The True Story – is a Documentary Film highlighting the many poor men and women of low socio economic backgrounds that were swept under the rug like DIRT whilst others benefited from government largesse due to political alliances and preferences.
Poor people who applied for housing or land in effort to elevate themselves out of poverty applying to a program intended to benefit the poor swept aside by politicians and officials more inclined to doing favors to more desireable supporters of their party.
InsidePossie interviewed 10 such individuals examining their currently living conditions and the struggles they have faced finding assistance.

Despite several efforts at getting comments from officials of the housing program and Parliamentary Representatives involved those comments or statements have not been forthcoming.

Here is their story in video below.

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    This is a high level of disrespect to the poor and unfortunate people of chance and the surroundings. You made promises to them just so you could get their vote, now that you have gotten it, you have once more kicked them aside, Election is round the bend, what are you gonna promise them now? How long do you think you can keep on fooling these people? You give the houses to teacher who already has a house in Lagoon, living with a Doctor; A Ross worker (who is living in an up-to-date wall house in Glanvillia, working for a very high salary, has one child) and is now renting the house given to her in chance. And the liat goes on. How more unfair can this be. This situation needs to be addresses and dealt with. Ian the end of your reign and maybe that of the Labour Party is coming to an end. I know that the party has lost my vote and the vote of many members of my family who have voted the Party for many, many years. Change must come. It must come one way or the other. Marley surely deserves a home, and to make it worse the man working for government for so many years we. What a joke.

  • not a herd follower

    Possie people seem tohave battered wife syndrome : ” General Symptoms Of BWS

    Battered wife syndrome usually needs to occur frequently over a significant time period. The victim, overwhelming the female in most cases, begins to believe that she is the root cause of the abuse and cannot fathom another explanation. Battered wives often come from an abusive upbringing and marry at a young age to escape this life. Wives often take antidepressants to deal with the abuse. Panic and anxiety are typical reactions to domestic violence. Battered wife syndrome can include only some, or even none of these symptoms.”

    Read more: Battered Woman Syndrome |

    Possie people use Rum and party and Skerrit as their anti depressants lol

  • tell it as it is

    Possi people!!!.this should let us ask our self a questoin weather we are labour rites or Ian rites??? People we have to start doing and organizeing something to get us someone that is for us and not just der to sit on his behind!!!.let’s start demonstrateing!,let’s start makeing things happen people!!!.something is wrong somewhere!!!

  • Concerned

    I just wanted to mention that one of the mammies house is even being rented. How sad!

  • Sports Coach

    I agree with the lady in the video that said certain individuals are placed in position and government at the end of the day don’t know who gets what. In light of that a better follow up system should be put in place and a needs analyst conducted to treat the worst case first. Also we can have a pledge a ton every quarter to gain financial support to assist with the children schooling. While government doing their share we can also show our care. After all we are our brothers keepers.

  • Dre

    Very touching documentary…..I do feel though that because some people are not fortunate to “have”, that does not mean that they should be untidy….The last person interviewed, I understand because he is confined to a wheel chair.

  • Mr. Mojo

    Good work Drennon. Tell it like it is, Portsmouth has the most representation in this sorry excuse for a government yet we are getting short changed. All these people are the ones who shouted labour power from the top of their lungs yet labour has abandoned them. where is the shoe for the bare foot man ?

  • black pearl

    this is very heart breaking I must say. its time our Politian’s really take a look at helping the poor people because they were place there for all ,not only to ensure that rich remains rich. im calling on all parl reps to seriously look at this video and ask your selves do you honestly believe you deserve another term at representing this people ? be honest with yourself

  • Ashton

    Good work Drinnon ,
    Keep fighting the good fight. Some of these folks are quite destitute … That all of them recall meeting with Ian 10 years ago is no coincidence. That was just before the election….

    Drinnon .. you understand the power of one…

  • really sadd

    This is really touching. Honestly i believe that the main reason why the pal rep keep telling people ‘yeah man’ is because we are too quiet. I am a young person in this community and i always knew Marley keeping the place clean, so why the pal rep couldn’t ensure that the man was being looked after?? These people need better living conditions. As one of them said the PM doesn’t even know whats going on, i believe that.. All pal rep looking for their constituency, so why our own not looking to help the community? This video really touched me..

  • Vincy

    Ah… So many years I know that Marley is working for government, he has not gotten any increments? Is that really true? How the hell can he be still making $300 a month? Nah man, I misunderstood…. that has to be $300 a fortnight. Such a risky job with such a pay. Marley boy, your service seems not to have any value. I agree with you Marley…they should have given you a decent house for your service that you have offered to the community.


    Well said Marley ref: Portsmouth Chance Housing Sham. Marley deserves a home, he works hard to keep our town clean. He needs a pay rise to enable him to better look after his family. He needs an award. He needs a home. Please Mr Skerrit help Marley. Chance people need to stop voting for IAN DOUGLAS.

    • Vincy

      I did not even see your comment prior to writing mine….He needs to demonstrate for his own right. Rather, the people of Porstmouth need to stand behind him


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