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Time that truly COUNTS – VIDEO

253447_383531341717655_1653886350_nEverything we do on this earth is surrounded by “time”. Be it attaining an academic degree, finishing a project on the job, spending ample time with our loved ones and family. Each of us can quickly point out the things we devote MOST of our time to, or things we can say was “TIME well SPENT”. To us at the InsidePossie Children of Grace Foundation Inc, “TIME that truly COUNTS” is when we give to the children of low socio economic backgrounds in our community. Just last night, I was going through our archives of academic scholarship programs we conducted for the past three years and with tears running down my face I decided to share that moment with you. The purpose of this is simple, look back and see what was accomplished in your 24 hour day, 7 days a week, was it all about “self”? I earnestly beg of you to look beyond your self and family, and do something that TRULY COUNTS for someone in need. They are waiting on YOU. See Videos below.  Find us on facebook at

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